Supervisor and Leadership Training

"Why" Series of Labor Law

An insightful look at why our labor laws exist and how to apply them.
  • Each major law covered in individual sessions
  • Designed to provide historical perspectives and build empathy
  • Familiarizes supervisors with rules and regulations
  • Dialogue allows for coaching and exploring best practices in legal and ethical supervision
  • Leadership Development

    An interactive exploration of leadership in action.  Programs include:
  • Developing Strategic Thinking
  • Learning to Listen: Learning to Lead
  • Building Dialogue Skills
  • Leading with Self-Reflection
  • Building a Team Using Dialogue
  • Developing Business Acumen
  • Management Training

    Nuts-and-bolts information and exercises to build skill.  Programs include:
  • Conducting Internal Investigations
  • The Ethics of Performance Management
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Best Practices in Workplace Safety
  • Conducting a Job Analysis
  • sample photo