The why behind Why HR

Organizational strategy begins with a mission in mind, but the key to achieving that mission is found in the whys.  If we don’t appreciate why a mission is important or why we need to adopt new strategies, we fail to develop meaningful objectives and the motivations necessary to drive change and adjust to our new environment.  

Cultural change requires buy-in from everyone throughout an organization.  Everyone needs to participate and have a voice in the process, but communicating change begins with communicating why this change is important.  People rarely support gimmics, and they might not care about incentives, but they will get behind a compelling why.

Likewise, when learners are able to discover and discuss the why behind lessons taught, they explore new insights, gain the ability to self-reflect, and build empathy.  This empathy allows for an understanding of how each issue can affect or has affected others, and the awareness of that why leads to improved compliance. 

Why does this organization exist?  Why is the organization undergoing change?  Why do certain procedures exist?  Why were certain laws and regulations put in place?  Why do we need to interact with others in a specific manner?  Answering these questions builds the empathy necessary for transformational learning.  Once we connect the why to the how, we provide the crucial bridge from discovery and learning to behavioral results. 

And that is the why behind Why HR.


Services Offered

Supervisor Training

Empathy-based training that covers the interesting history of why each labor law exists and how to apply those laws to your workplace.

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Workplace Civility Initiatives

Team-based training to address your unique workplace culture while honoring the diversity and knowledge that each of your staff possesses.

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Custom Training Design

Training needs assessments and design services that address challenges and align your performance initiatives with your desired end results.

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Strategic planning

Facilitation focused on aligning your mission, vision and values to your organizational goals.

Leadership development

Learning to listen means learning to lead with dialogue skills and a greater self-awareness.

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Technical writing

Customized user-friendly job aids, standard operating procedures, and reference manuals.


The who behind Why HR



Kathy Mitchell, SPHR,


Kathy Mitchell has over 25 years of experience in the field of HR, including twelve years as director of human resources for a nonprofit organization and many years offering consulting and staff development. She possesses a thorough knowledge of HR management competencies and understands the complex challenges businesses face. She is well versed in dialogue-based adult education and has a track record of developing and implementing successful training initiatives.

Kathy graduated from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine with a Bachelor of Science in Adult Education and Training. She became certified as a Professional in Human Resources in 2001 and as a Senior Professional in Human Resources in 2007. She also holds the SHRM-SCP certification.

Territory Covered

Why HR primarily offers services to organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  Out-of-town and remote assignments are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Services are offered to organizations of all sizes, but small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits in need of training solutions are a special focus.


Mission Statement

Why HR is dedicated to providing training and organizational development solutions that enable clients to solve problems in admirable ways.

Advantages of Dialogue-Based Education

1 Honors and builds on prior knowledge of learners.

2 Provides for an active learning experinece.

3 Develops collaboration in a safe environment.

4 Offers cognitive (thinking), affective (feelings) and psychomotor (actions) learning modes.


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