Workplace Civility Initiatives

Incivility leads to dysfunctional teams and hostile work environments. The ultimate result can range from costly miscommunications to harassment and discrimination claims.

Civility initiatives can and do work! But they require dedication to a supportive set of values and to a change process that can transform the group.

Why HR can help by assessing your organization's cultural strengths and weaknesses and providing development and implementation of civility training programs. Why HR believes that successful cultural initiatives require input from those who will be most impacted. And to that end, Why HR works closely with your staff, empowering them to build an atmosphere where conflict is approached in a healthy manner and problems are solved in admirable ways.

Civility Initiatives - built by your staff, for your staff

Dialogue-based Education

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Why HR practices the principes of dialogue education, honoring the knowledge already present in the room and building on common values.


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Why HR can design and administer internal and external satisfaction surveys to pinpoint your areas of challenge.


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Why HR can provide a variety of behavioral assessments. Many options exist!


Why have training of any sort if the desired result isn't achieved? 

Why HR begins by identifying the desired end results and how those results should be measured. Then Why HR works with clients to determine the behaviors and actions necessary to acheive those results.  This information is vital to determining the knowledge gaps that need to be filled in order to successfully carry out those actions and support those behaviors.  Only then can the best training design be determined.

Results are always in focus with great training!